Yes, I need a Policies and Procedures Manual: $9.00

Policies and Procedures Manual Builder is an interactive resource tool designed for individuals responsible for executing policies such as parks and recreation administrators, coaches and others. Often times an organization does not have the resources or time to build its own manual. The tool will allow users to easily create a comprehensive manual to implement at the youth sports level. A professional and accurate manual will help ensure the safety of youth athletes and everyone on the field or court.


  • Easy for your organization to customize its own policies and procedures manual.
  • User friendly and covers everything from medical forms, medical injuries and weather to facilities and crisis management.
  • Contains more than 30 policies and forms
  • Written by a team of certified athletic trainers

Sections Include

  • Emergency Action Plan (EAP)
  • General Policies (such as Reporting an Injury and Scope of Coverage)
  • Medical Injuries and Illnesses
  • Weather Policies
  • Other Policies (such as Steroids, Alcohol and Drugs)
  • Forms (such as Parent’s Checklists)